Haiku Shuukan “responsibility”



Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

A new week lays ahead of us and today it’s Wednesday again … time for a new episode of Haiku Shuukan. We are exploring Paulo Coelho’s “The Way of the Bow” and today our new episode is about responsibility … and here is the quote from Paulo’s novel:

[…] The target is the objective to be reached. It was chosen by the archer and though it is a long way off, we cannot blame it when we fail to hit it. In this lies the beauty of the way of the bow: you can never excuse yourself by saying that your opponent was stronger than you. You were the one who chose the target and you are responsible for it. […] (Paulo Coelho)

What do you want to reach? Do you have a “target”? You are responsible for reaching the goal you have set for your self … No one can help you with that … it’s your goal, it’s your responsibility.

Prayer Flags Tibet

feel like the wind
find your way to worlds unknown
you are alone

© Chèvrefeuille

My target once was to write a novel. I have reached that target. After that I took a new target … to write haiku in English. That goal I also achieved. Goals are there to learn you to take your own responsibility … your goals have to be in reach after you have chosen them.

I have reached my goals … and you? Did you reach your goals?

This episode of Haiku Shuukan is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until next Wednesday March 11th at noon (CET).

Have fun!


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