Tanka Splendor #25 summer heat



Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Welcome at a a new Tanka Splendor episode. It has been a while but I will try to publish here on a regular base a challenge for you to create Tanka, that beautiful short poem of five lines that once started as a love poem in which secret lovers could reach eachother.

Today I love to challenge you to create a Tanka full of love inspired on the theme “summer heat”. Summer, in my opinion, is the season of love outside e.g. love on the beach or skinny dipping after a long hot summer day. So … go for it … create a summer tanka full of love.

Lilies of the valley
their sweet perfume makes me drowsy
hot summer night
between silken sheets her warmth
honeysuckle coolness

© Chèvrefeuille

This Tanka Splendor episode is NOW OPEN for your responses and will remain open until July 22nd at noon (CEST). Have fun … create your love poem in the form of a Tanka and share it with us all.


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