Restarting the Engines of Tanka Splendor



Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Welcome at Tanka Splendor, another part of the CDHK community. Let me (re)tell you the goal of Tanka Splendor. Tanka is a five-lined poem that originated from the Waka, an ancient Japanese poem, and became renown through Jane Reichhold (1937-2018). Jane was one of the greatest haiku and tanka poets modern times has seen.

Here at Tanka Splendor, Chèvrefeuille (host and owner of challenges his visitors to create a Tanka on a given theme. For this restarting the engines post he loves to challenge you to create a tanka (or kyoka, the more humourful form of Tanka) on the following theme:

autumn leaves

autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves (Image found on Pinterest)

A nice theme I would say. So I am looking forward to all your responses. Add your link to the widget here below:



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