Haiku Shuukan April 15th 2015, “Recalling Intention”


Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Two weeks ago I introduced Joan Halifax (1942) to you all. Joan is a Roshi (a Buddhistic teacher) and next to her busy life at the Upaya Zen Center (Santa Fe, New Mexico) she travels a lot with her teacher and close friend the Dalai Lama. Notwithstanding her age (72) she is an energetic and charismatic human being.

Not so long ago I read an interview with her in a Dutch mindstyle magazine which was themed “life in union”. I especially was touched by her answer on one the questions that were ask. That question was: “Do you think that all that’s happening right now around the globe is bound together?”
Her answer was: “All conflicts around the globe emerge from the same delusion, the illusion of separateness, but all is connected and we all are part of it. To recognize and acknowledge that we are part of it is the first what we have to do. And not only based on the concept. We have to decide that we are touched by it”.

Joan Halifax

Joan invented the “GRACE-method” as we saw two weeks ago. GRACE is an acronym and it stands for:

Gathering attention
Recalling intention
Attaining to self other

Our first step on this (let me say) “Grace”-path we did two weeks ago and now we will do our next step, recalling intention or remember the source of your motivation.

Remember where your life is faced to: it’s all about integrity and to respect the integrity of all creatures around you. It’s your task/goal to help and respect others and to open your heart to the world.

In this “recalling intention” we can without a doubt make a connection with haiku. Isn’t haiku what is said above? Having respect and attention for all nature around us including human kind?
Of course this isn’t a new idea, we know that haiku poets are one with nature. We are really part of nature. We can see, feel, hear, smell and touch nature as no one else, because we are, as haiku poets, one with nature.

Maybe you know the Little Creatures feature at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai (CDHK); that’s the ‘part’ of CDHK that especially is meant for this “being one with nature” and being aware of all the creatures (big and small) around us.

ants 1

For example this haiku by Basho (1644-1694):

Looking closely,
I see a shepherd’s purse blooming
underneath  the hedge.

Or this one composed by Issa (1763-1828):

opening the window
I see the butterfly off…
into the field

Aren’t they wonderful? I think this is what Joan means …

This Haiku Shuukan episode is open for your submissions at noon (CET) and will remain open until April 29th at noon (CET).


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