I have managed to reach perfection



Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Finally I have found the time to publish a new episode of our Haiku Shuukan (former Tackle It Tuesday) weekly haiku meme. And as I told you already in the Extra-post I have found a new “spiritual” series of prompts starting this week with “I have managed to reach perfection”.

This sentence is from the short novel “The Way of the Bow” by Paulo Coelho. In this novel he describes the spiritual path of the Bow, the Japanese art of archery. This sentence is said by a man who challenges Tetsuya, the most important character in this novel, to shoot the bow with him.

What does he mean by “I have reached perfection”? Can someone manage to become perfect? I don’t think so. As I look at myself I am not perfect. I am not the perfect father and grandfather, I am not that perfect oncology nurse and I am not that perfect haiku -poet. I still grow and maybe one day I will reach perfection, but that will happen at the end of my life as I may enter into the realm of the Creator, than I will have reached perfection.

For this episode I love to ask you all to ask yourself the same question as I did “Am I perfect”?



the fragile beauty of butterflies
dancing in the sunlight

(C) Chèvrefeuille

This episode of Haiku Shuukan (former Tackle It Tuesday) is open for your submissions today at noon (CET) and will remain open until Wednesday February 11th at noon (CET).

For now … just have fun!

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